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Travel books for children that inspire a love for adventure. Are you looking for children’s travel books that are entertaining and educational? If so, this guide will help you select the best travel books for the children in your life. This list of books about travel for kids will undoubtedly be helpful whether you are planning a trip or wish to introduce them to this great big beautiful world. While reading, keep an eye out for notes on age ranges, type of travel (road trip vs airplane), or learning experiences so you can choose the right books based on what you are looking for.

Travel Books About Packing and Preparing For Travel

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1. My Suitcase: A Fun Book of Travel by Margie and Jimbo

Pack your suitcase with items you will need for your next vacation.

Assist two siblings with preparing for a wonderful trip by helping them pack their suitcases.

From shampoo and toothbrushes to hats and outfits to their favorite blankets and stuffed animals, their bags contain a variety of goodies. Expect to laugh out loud as the kids try to fit in some odd items, including their pet goldfish, a tricycle, and more.

Each spread introduces a new category of products, such as food, toys, or toiletries, and all of the items are clearly illustrated and labeled for the benefit of young readers.

With amusing illustrations and straightforward text, this book about travel for kids is ideal for children up to 4 years old.

Click here to purchase My Suitcase on Amazon. Available in Kindle or board book.

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Airport and Air Travel Children’s Books

1. Maisy Goes on a Plane: A Maisy First Experiences Book by  Lucy Cousins

With Maisy leading the way, little flyers are in good company.

Maisy is flying to see her buddy Ella, and she is thrilled. Follow her as she checks in at the airport, finds her seat, and meets new friends on her trip.

Get your passports ready to travel with Maisy because it’s more enjoyable to fly when you have a friend like Maisy with you.

Perfect for reading to a child going on their first airplane, this colorful book clearly explains the process of flying. Available in paperback or Kindle; best for ages 1-3.

Click here to purchase Maisy Goes on a Plane on Amazon.

2. A Day at the Airport by Richard Scarry

Join Huckle Cat, Sally, and Lowly Worm for an exciting day of exploration at the airport. 

Featuring a sticker sheet and more than 70 labeled words, enjoy this jam-packed, up-close look at the terminal, runway, control tower, and more.

Ideal for children between 2-3 years old who look at all the small details in picture books.

Click here to purchase A Day at the Airport on Amazon.

3. The Airport Book by Lisa Brown 

A popular travel book for kids, you’ll find this one at lots of airports.

Great for teaching little kids about the airport and what will happen when you go, follow a family and their child’s beloved sock monkey as they navigate the challenges of the airport.

From checking luggage and watching them vanish on the mysterious conveyor belt to getting through security and waiting at the gate to eventually take off, this book helps children 2-5 years old process the experience.

Click here to purchase The Airport Book on Amazon.

4. Ultimate Book of Airplanes and Airports by Sophie Bordet-Petillon and Marc-Etienne Peintre 

Learn everything there is to know about airports, airplanes, and the exciting world of air travel.

The best part is that there are lots of flaps, popups, pull-tabs, and revolving wheels that bring airports, planes, and even travelers to life.

Readers will peer inside an aircraft, investigate a baggage carousel’s workings, and assist pilots in preparing for flight.

The collection of aircrafts, which ranges from early planes to modern airplanes, will be loved by any child between the ages of 2 and 5 years old who has ever wished to soar in the skies.

Click here to purchase Ultimate Book of Airplanes and Airports on Amazon.

5. Going on a Plane by Anne Civardi

In a fun and approachable style, this series introduces young kids to travel experiences they might have for the first time, such as going through security, boarding a plane, and the overall adventures of flying. The comical illustrations are brimming with plenty for kids 2 to 6 years old to look at, take away from, and discuss. Available in hardcopy or paperback.

Click here to purchase Going on a Plane on Amazon.

Road Trip Books For Kids

1. Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip Book by James Dean and Kimberly Dean

This one is for families who enjoy road trips.

Join Pete the Cat and his family on an epic cross-country adventure. They travel to well-known locations, including Savannah, New Orleans, and Niagara Falls. It will give you plenty of things to discover and discuss outside the book!

This book features short sentences and basic ideas for kids 4-8 years old learning to sound out words and sentences. Ideal for those who are ready to start reading independently.

Click here to purchase Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip on Amazon.

United States Travel Books

1. Molly and the Magic Suitcase: Molly Goes To Puerto Rico by Chris and Amy Oler

Part of a 15-book series, join Molly and Michael as they learn about Puerto Rican culture. Explore the island’s beautiful beaches, ancient cities, and lush rainforests. Best for children ages 2 to 8.

Click here to purchase Molly Goes To Puerto Rico on Amazon.

2. The Kid’s Guide to Philadelphia by Eileen Ogintz

Get advice from an expert and let the kids help plan your family’s next trip to Philadelphia, ‘The City of Brotherly Love.’ Reading this book, you’ll discover kid-tested advice on things to do in Philly, where to eat, what to see, and where to find the best souvenirs.

Little ones are kept entertained along the way by learning about interesting information and helpful advice, as well as fantastic games that keep them engaged.

This family-friendly travel book for children is full of fun facts, games, and other activities that will interest children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Click here to purchase The Kid’s Guide to Philadelphia on Amazon.

3. National Parks of the USA by Quarto Kids

Give your kids the opportunity to explore America’s vast outdoors and take in the beauty and diversity of its most popular national parks. Jam-packed with useful information and maps, children love discovering each park’s flora, fauna, history, and why they should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Click here to purchase National Parks of the USA on Amazon.

Books About Countries For Kids

1. My Africa Vacation by Ozi Okara

Arinze and his older sister Cheta have been informed by their parents they will travel to Africa this year. Despite having never been, they have grown up hearing about the wonders of the continent.

Beginning in Kenya and visiting ten different African nations, Arinze’s family shows how vibrant and diverse the continent’s geography and cultures are. 

Travel on a safari, marvel at Victoria Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro and discover the architectural and historical marvels of the continent. However, the highlight of the trip is when they get to visit their grandfather in his Nigerian village. 

Arinze and Cheta both have a renewed sense of pride in their heritage and a deeper appreciation for where they came from.

Appropriate for children up to 9 years old, discover the diversity and richness of Africa, which may also inspire them to one day travel to the continent on their own.

Click here to purchase My Africa Vacation on Amazon.

2. The Kids Who Travel the World: Paris by Lisa Webb

Join two adventurous sisters as they explore the globe and discover new things in Paris.

Picking up some French along the way, join them as they explore ‘The City of Lights’ by taking the metro, visiting the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and more.

Whether you intend to visit Paris for the first time or only through the pages of this book, children between the ages of 5 and 7 will enjoy all things Parisian with this one.

Click here to purchase The Kids Who Travel the World on Amazon.

Listen to this podcast episode below for first-time Paris travel tips or read the blog post by clicking the link.

3. Dancing at Carnival by Christine Platt Sharon Sordo

Spring break is here!

Ana and Andrew travel to their homeland of Trinidad during Carnival to see their relatives. They enjoy listening to the music and watching the parade. Throughout the book,  they discover how their ancestors contributed to the holiday’s creation and what participants can expect. Ideal for curious readers between the ages of 5 and 6.

Click here to purchase Dancing at Carnival on Amazon.

4. The Traveling Child Goes To Rio de Janeiro by Monet Hambrick

Inspired by the Hambrick family’s spring break trip, where they spent seven days in Rio de Janeiro, learn about the culture of Brazil through the eyes of two sisters, Jordyn and Kennedy. This book will not only educate little ones on the city and country but also offer ideas for vacation planning. In addition to the beautiful illustrations, every page is full of culture, landmarks, and facts about Rio de Janeiro. Ideal for young children between 2-5 years old.

Click here to purchase The Traveling Child Goes To Rio de Janeiro on Amazon.

General Adventures and Activities Around the World

1. Atlas of Adventures by Rachel Williams and Lucy Letherland 

This gorgeously illustrated children’s book about traveling around the world will help unleash their sense of adventure. 

It contains more than 100 challenges and activities to motivate armchair explorers between 4 and 7 years old, whether you want to see the penguins in Antarctica, take part in the Carnival in Brazil, or go on a canoe trip down the Zambezi River.

Celebrate the rich diversity of our planet by turning the pages to discover new creatures, people, and vistas that are specific to each of the locales.

As you read this book, watch out for two adventurous characters in each scenario. Find hundreds of items to spot and learn about. Each section opens with an infographic map of the area it investigates, followed by two-page spreads highlighting the region’s most noteworthy locations. 

Click here to purchase Atlas of Adventures on Amazon.

2. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman 

This picture book about travel takes readers around the globe to gather ingredients for a delicious treat: apple pie.

First, take a steamboat to Italy to find the best semolina wheat. Then, take a journey to England and kidnap a cow for the freshest possible milk.

Lastly, remember to go apple-picking in Vermont!

In the end, a simple recipe for apple pie is included.

Children will be delighted by this little excursion and inspired to tour the globe to collect items they can use to make something unique.

Click here to purchase How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World on Amazon.

3. Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life by Lonely Planet Kids 

This atlas gives kids a realistic worldview with 160 pages of colorful maps, interesting infographics, photos, and lots of humor.

For children ages 8+, this will bring the world to life as it touches on popular culture, sports, and school life.

Since 1973, Lonely Planet has been a leading publisher of travel guides, offering publications for every country and region, an award-winning website, and digital travel products. The goal is to make it possible for travelers to explore the globe and deeply engage with the cultures they encounter.

Click here to purchase Amazing World Atlas on Amazon.

4. Family Trip (Peppa Pig) by Scholastic and EOne

The family of Peppa Pig is taking a vacation, traveling to Italy. They prepare their belongings, board a plane, make new friends, and even discover how pizza is created.

As a fun treat, this book comes with Peppa Pig postcards that kids can send while on family vacations! Ideal for children ages 2 to 5.

Click here to purchase Family Trip Peppa Pig on Amazon.

5. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World by Beth Carney

Explore languages, cultures, weather, animals, major cities, mountains, deserts, and other landscapes and landforms to acquaint young readers between ages 3 to 6 with the world and encourage them to travel.

More than 100 vibrant images are accompanied by kid-friendly and age-appropriate maps, as well as fundamental information about each continent. 

It won’t take long for this book to become a favorite during story time, bedtime, or while traveling. 

Click here to purchase National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World on Amazon.

6. Around the World, I Go by Cory J. Anderson and Jasmine Mills

Imani had an incredible dream to explore the world. Join her as she travels to all seven continents and explores amazing locations on each trip.

This book introduces the concept of travel to a very young child, less than 3 years old.

You’ll love the activity on the last page, where you can recap what was learned and write down places you’d like to visit together.

Click here to purchase Around the World I Go on Amazon.

7. A Ticket Around the World by Melissa Owens and Natalia Diaz

A resource for learning about other countries follows a young child as he visits friends from different countries.

Along the way, he introduces readers to the surroundings and traditions of each friend he visits and gives fascinating information about the history, people, geography, animals, and other aspects of each country.

Visualize traveling to each country, such as India, Jordan, and The Philippines.

Young readers between 5-8 will find this picture book intriguing since it demonstrates how kids just like them live all across the world.

Click here to purchase A Ticket Around the World on Amazon.

8. Travel the World Around You! by Christopher Mitchell

This book helps kids (and their parents) realize that travel does not have to be to far-flung destinations and that there is plenty to learn wherever you go, even in your town, city, state, or province.

Join Theo and Kotu, the cat, as they discover what it really means to travel, one adventure at a time.

Ideal for curious readers between 6 and 9 years old.

Click here to purchase Travel the World Around You! on Amazon.

In summary, with so many travel books for children to choose from, this blog post offered lots of options, from location-specific destination guides to interesting travel stories and books that cover travel generally.

Plan a trip together or plant wanderlust seeds that will sprout as you create lifelong memories. Remember, you do not have to purchase all these books; head to your local library or use a free library app like Libby and Hoopla.

What are your favorite books about travel for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Hello Jael, thanks for a very interesting post. My daughter loves to read, and I’m planning on taking the family overseas to the USA next year. I thought I could inspire her by giving her something to read related to travel. I’m leaning toward National Parks of the USA by Quarto Kids, and then taking them to visit a few of the parks while we’re there. I think they’d have a blast. Thanks again for sharing :)


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