Episode 87: How Being in the Army Made Vicky Sosa A Better Traveler

Vicky Sosa: The Army Made Vicky a Better Traveler
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Vicky Sosa is a Florida-based blogger traveling around the world with her stuffed monkey Buddy. Stationed in Europe for three years with the Army, Vicky visited many countries, including Spain, England, Norway, and Luxembourg. Years later, tired of the 9-5 lifestyle, she sold all of her stuff and started traveling full-time house sitting. Her travel blog Buddy The Traveling Monkey will inspire you to get out there and see the world, whether it’s a weekend trip or traveling for a year. Vicky is proof that nothing can stop you from prioritizing travel. In this episode, Vicky Sosa shares how being in the army made her a better traveler and prepared her for a location-independent lifestyle. In the extended interview, Vicky shares how best to prepare for pitching brands and how to land press trips with tourism boards and hotels. Get access to our archive of bonus podcast episodes by joining The Thought Card Club, a private podcast feed for supporters.

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Update October 2021: Since recording this episode, I’ve quit my job to become a full-time creative entrepreneur. Listen to my quit my job story here!

From Army To Digital Nomad:

Vicky Sosa’s Journey To Location Independence

In this episode we cover:

  • [6:00] Tips for traveling while serving in the Army
    • Taking advantage of holidays, weekend trips, and long weekends
  • [9:15] How joining the military made Vicky a better traveler
    • Met all kinds of people (more open minded)
    • Learned how to be flexible (adapt and overcome)
    • Being a leader and follower
    • Speaking up
  • [15:00] How Vicky navigated a few lifestyle transitions after quitting her government job
  • [18:00] Why Vicky traded security, stability, and great benefits for a more location-independent lifestyle
  • [24:50] Discovering house sitting and how to get started as a house sitter
  • [28:30] How she transitioned from nomadic house sitter to digital nomad
  • [31:30] Inspiration for starting a travel blog with monkey Buddy
Vicky answering top 5 questions about house sitting.

Resources Mentioned:

Being in the Army Made Me A Better Traveler (blog post)

Trusted Housesitters will help you search for homes to sit.

Episode 53: Saving $60,000 House Sitting Around the World With Brittnay Sharman (podcast episode)

Traveling With A Full-Time Job (book): Honest advice, tips, and recommendations for making the best use of your limited vacation time so you can see more of the world even if you’re working a 9 to 5 job.

Connect With Vicky Sosa:

Website: https://www.buddythetravelingmonkey.com

Instagram: @buddythetravelingmonkey

Twitter: @traveling1223

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