How to Be the Perfect Airbnb Guest - Airbnb Etiquette

The days of only considering hotels and hostels are long gone. Airbnb has revolutionized travel by mainstreaming vacation rentals. From apartments to cabins and even castles, Airbnb connects travelers to unique lodging opportunities that fit any budget. Although there are many similarities between Airbnb and other types of accommodations, it’s important to note that there’s a difference. By booking with Airbnb, you agree to be a guest in someone’s home. So for example, you have to clean up after yourself. Hence why Airbnb etiquette is so important.

Airbnb values guest behavior so much that hosts can leave a review for guests after a stay. Always aim for high remarks. Bad reviews can jeopardize your chances of using the site in the future.

So in an effort to help you look like the shinning star (that you are), here are some simple Airbnb etiquette tips to follow.

Airbnb Etiquette For Guests

Keep the line of communication open

After introducing yourself, when you arrive on the property, keep your host updated with any issues you may have. Are you checking in later than expected or is the Wi-Fi down? No problem, email your host via Airbnb’s messaging portal. This is usually the fastest way to contact your host, but for urgent situations definitely, pick up the phone and call your host – do not suffer in silence.

How I do it: When I arrive, I send my host a quick email. They always appreciate the update, and it’s their chance to officially welcome me to my new home.

Be Neat

Try your best to keep the rental property clean and neat especially when heading out. Wash your dirty dishes and use the thrash when necessary. No one expects you to pull out a broom and mop, but being mindful goes a long way.

How I do it: I don’t always make my bed in the morning when I’m home, but I always try to keep my Airbnb nice and neat especially when I head out for the day. I also try to keep all of my belongings tucked away in my bags. This helps me keep track of my things.

I love when hosts praise my cleanliness in my reviews.

Keep the noise down

Be courteous and respect that loud noises are not appreciated at all hours of the night. Sorry but 2 a.m. is not the time to slam doors or run down the stairs. Most hosts list quiet hours after 11 p.m. which is reasonable.

Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights and any other electrical appliances is the environmentally conscious thing to do. Enough said!

Leave on time

Nothing is more embarrassing than having your host reiterate that you need to leave. Be sure to check-out on time or ask for an extension ahead of time. Hosts usually have to clean and get ready for the next guest soon after you check-out.

No Tips

Tipping is not the norm. Your daily rental rate includes a cleaning fee so instead, if you really want to show your appreciation, leave a nice handwritten note.

Write a review

Within a few days of your stay, leave a review. Be honest and truthful. Don’t feel pressured to paint a rosy picture in your review.

Mention if the host answered your questions or left any issues unresolved. Don’t forget that reviews are one of the important sources of information for future guests.

Can YOU think of any other helpful Airbnb etiquette tips?

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