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If you ever wanted to afford to travel more, pay off debt or build wealth you’re in the right place – Danielle Desir

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Hi there, I’m Danielle Desir, a travel finance strategist, writer, speaker and the host of The Thought Card podcast, interviewing inspiring travelers who have found creative ways to travel more, pay off debt and build wealth.

I’m a travel enthused New Yorker (and now happy Connecticut homeowner) and since 2014, I’ve been traveling more. I’m a dog mom, nature lover and I even danced professionally for a year. I am also a Financial Analyst and Grants Manager by trade and I have a knack for financial planning.

Here on The Thought Card, I tackle travel finance issues head-on because I know how frustrating it can be to want to travel the world without the financial know-how. Money impacts our ability to travel so I’ll teach you how to creatively save while maintaining your lifestyle. I’ll also show you where to look for travel deals, practical tips you can implement immediately and the best resources for incorporating more travel, more often.

My financial expertise has taken me across the globe to over 24 countries and 3 continents. If I can afford to travel extensively while paying off my student loans, saving for a house and working full-time, I know that you can too.

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I am not rich nor am I privileged, but I am financially savvy.






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What is The Thought Card?

Communication is key in any relationship.

A few years ago when faced with a challenging situation, I started sending my loved ones “thought cards” expressing my emotions and thoughts. Eventually, they caught on and started sending them back – we’ve been doing this exchange ever since.

Reading each others’ thought cards always brought us together in new ways and strengthened our bond.

The Thought Card is my way of bringing travel enthusiasts together. It’s a place to share financial strategies, travel deals, and money saving resources. Yep – no problem (be it financial or travel) is too big for us to tackle together.

You can read the blog or listen to the podcast.

CT-Thought Card – Local Travel Blog

I’m now documenting my local adventures and all the fun things to do in my hometown, Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut. Check out my new local travel blog, CT-Thought Card.

Where have I been?

Here are all of the countries I’ve visited.

Favorite Destinations: Bermuda, France, Ireland, Barbados, and Iceland.

Favorite Travel Memories: Snorkeling Silfra (Iceland) and whitewater rafting in Banos (Ecuador).

Top 10 Destinations I Want to Visit: New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Australia, Panama, Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Germany.

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