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If you ever wanted to afford to travel more, pay off debt and build wealth then you’re in the right place! I’m Danielle Desir and welcome to my affordable travel finance blog. I’m an author, travel and personal finance writer, speaker and the host of The Thought Card Podcast. Here we’ll talk about how to find the best travel deals, fabulous travel destinations, practical tips for saving money, investing, homeownership and so much more.

A native of New York City, I went to Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York for undergrad and after graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration, I moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut to pursue my Masters in Health Care Administration. I’ve called Connecticut home ever since.

In addition to working full-time as a research administrator at a leading medical school in New York City, I love writing, excel spreadsheets, spending time outdoors and searching for cheap flights. I gave up eating meat in college and I’m a pescetarian – pass the shrimp please!

In 2015 I started this affordable travel finance blog which combines my passions for travel and money. I wanted to debunk the myth that you can actually travel while paying off student loans. Now I teach others how to afford making travel a financial priority in their lives through my blog, podcast, books and self-paced online courses.

In my spare time I enjoy visiting local breweries, finding breathtaking viewpoints and listening to informative podcasts. I also go to spin class every week and lift weights at least three times a week – my boyfriend Kyle is a fantastic personal trainer and martial arts coach. When I’m not creating content online, you can find me leading WOC Podcasters, a community of women of color podcasters with over 2,100 members from 50+ countries!

I have traveled to over 26 countries and 3 continents and if I can afford to travel extensively while paying off student loans, saving for a house and working full-time, you can too.

Danielle Desir is a speaker, author and podcaster based in Connecticut.

I am not rich nor am I privileged, but I am financially savvy.

How I Came Up With My Name

Communication is key in any relationship.

A few years ago when faced with a challenging situation, I started sending my loved ones “thought cards” expressing my emotions and thoughts. Eventually, they caught on and started sending them back – we’ve been doing this exchange ever since.

Reading each others’ thought cards always brought us together in new ways and strengthened our bond.

The Thought Card is my way of bringing travel enthusiasts and money nerds together. It’s a place to share financial strategies, travel deals, and money saving resources. No problem (be it financial or travel) is too big for us to tackle together.

You can read the blog and listen to the podcast here.

Where I’ve Been

Here are all of the countries I’ve visited.

Favorite Destinations: Bermuda, France, Ireland, Barbados, and Iceland.

Favorite Travel Memory: Snorkeling Silfra (Iceland).

Top 10 Destination to Visit: New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Australia, Panama, Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Germany.

Financial Accomplishments

Paid off over $12,000 of mortgage principal in 2 years.

Bought a house at 27 years old.

Paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years.

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