The Hottest 2023 Travel Trends: What Travelers are Prioritizing in 2023 and Beyond

2023 Travel Trends -- the hottest travel trends for 2023.
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As we prepare for the new year, a sense of optimism, hope, and adventure is in the air. I am excited for what’s to come in 2023, and in this podcast episode, we’re chatting about emerging 2023 travel trends. I look forward to these annual reports because it gives us a glimpse into what people are excited about, their mindset, and how interests have changed (or stayed the same). These subtle differences in our travel style make up who we are, influencing the destinations we choose to visit, how we spend our money, and the activities we partake in while traveling. Travel trend reports spark inspiration, help us stay in the know, and empower us to make informed decisions. 

In this podcast episode, we cover:

  • Current trends in travel
  • New trends in tourism 
  • Hotel trends and more!

Stick around until the end because I share my travel predictions too!

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New Tourism Trends For 2023

Expedia,, and VRBO released a 2023 Travel Trends Report where they surveyed thousands of people across several countries to identify travelers’ mindsets and what they are prioritizing in 2023. According to Expedia, travelers are focusing on what they want to do rather than what everyone else is doing.

We’ve changed a lot since 2020, and maybe going back to the old way of doing things just doesn’t fit anymore. There’s a renewed focus on exploring what inspires us vs. walking down the old beaten path. 

Visiting a destination because some list told us to doesn’t motivate us like it used to. 

From this report, I want to highlight (3) emerging travel trends 2023:

  • Visiting culture capitals 
  • Wellness and soft adventure
  • Cowboy-cations  

Culture Capitals 

After years of prioritizing the outdoors and open spaces, there’s a revival in city escapes. Travelers are interested in being in the center of all the action again. 

People travel to make connections in culture-rich capitals for food, art, and festivals. 

They want to be exposed to different cultures, perspectives, and other ways of life.

Food is an important part of a culture, and travelers are curious to experience regional flavors, dishes, and ingredients.

Immersive food and drink experiences like food, wine, beer trails, culinary walking tours, and market visits are on the rise. 

Travelers also want to sightsee, learn about the history, experience the local art scene, and interact with locals.

Listen to this podcast episode next: Where To Experience Culture and Art in Tempe, Arizona

Trending culture capitals include: 

Heritage travel is also on the rise.

People want to know where their family came from, so they travel all over the world to visit the hometowns of their great-great-great grandparents.

Health and Wellness Travel

Travel is part of our wellness journey. 

Beyond spa treatments and massages, travelers want to prioritize physical and mental wellness and more fitness options and healthy food options.

Travelers don’t want to abandon their wellness practices when they go on vacation; they want to maintain them.

They also want stress-free itineraries that focus on relaxation. 

That could look like chakra sessions or laughter therapy. 


We are big fans of “Yellowstone,” the TV show,  and we agree with VRBO’s findings.

Cowboy charm and outback farmhouses await! 

Rustic ranches, lodges, and farmhouses are becoming as sought-after as beach cottages and mountain cabins. 

Montana and Western USA come to mind.

Other Noteworthy Trends in the Tourism Industry

Multi-Generational Vacations

Moon Travel Guides - The best travel guidebooks for planning road trips.

Making up for lost time, many people want to bring their grandparents and great-grandparents along for the ride.

This can include family reunions or simply inviting the grandparents to join.  

In Episode 109, I shared how my mom and I went on our first road trip with a baby to the Adirondacks, New York, to visit The Wild Center.

Solo Travel

There are a lot of factors contributing to the rise in solo travel. More people are opting to travel solo because they found a good deal. While others want to avoid the hassle of coordinating with others.  

According to Embrace Journey Travel, more 65+ year-old travelers are booking solo travel, as well as Gen Z and millennials.

Listen to Episode 70, where Gemma Thompson shares the best destinations for female solo travelers. Or read about the top destinations for Black female solo travel.

Remote Work Revolution

Having the freedom to work from anywhere, whether for an employer or for yourself, destinations and hotels cater to digital nomads. 

More countries are introducing digital nomad visas, like Curaçao and Iceland.

Get paid to move to a new city with Tulsa Remote – receive $10,000 to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and work remotely for one year.

There are also many interesting remote jobs — live and work at a winery, travel around in an RV, watch TV shows or TikTok for hours, and get paid. Jen on a Jet Plane has a fantastic newsletter that shares these cool opportunities weekly.

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Hotel in-room technology

We’ve seen more technology added to hotel rooms, including Peloton bikes at Hilton Hotels and Alexa (like tech) at Disney resorts.

Hotel day rates or pay by the hour 

Apps like HotelsByDay now offer users access to traditional hotel amenities for significantly cheaper.

  • Day rooms for work
  • Day rooms for relaxation 
  • Parking passes 
  • Pool passes
  • Gym passes 

My 2023 Travel Predictions 

Tourism trends 2023.

Road trips and the great outdoors will remain popular, including camping, glamping, and national parks. 

Listen to Episode 126 for how Lauren Gay is changing what we consider outdoorsy and how to enjoy the outdoors.

Olivia from O Christine has a fantastic beginner outdoor course, Get Outdoors 101, that focuses on how to confidently plan outdoor trips to have memorable experiences that let you truly unplug. 

More travelers also care about sustainable tourism. We want the brands we pick to work with to care about our planet, their staff, and their local communities. 

Sustainable Tourism  

According to HotelPlanner, travelers are searching more for ‘eco-friendly’ hotels or ‘sustainable travel’ trips where part of the experience includes local philanthropic events like growing a community garden or cleaning up a beach.

There’s also a general sentiment that now is the time to book those wish list trips, big adventures, or even more luxury trips. Cliches like “life is too short” and “it’s now or never” resonate more than ever.

Events, festivals, and concerts are back. In 2023, I plan on attending conferences in Arizona, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico.

Travel deals, flight deals, and partnerships

I also love seeing all of these brand partnerships.

For example, earn Delta SkyMiles at Starbucks. Link your accounts by visiting

For budget-conscious travelers, there’s an emphasis on finding destinations based on price instead of location. 

My favorite flight deal notification service, Thrifty Traveler Premium, sends you an email notification whenever airfare deals are spotted from your airport in the US or Canada. 

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Although many health and safety mandates have been lifted, there’s still an expectation for airlines, hotels, and attractions to continue doing their part to prevent the spread of germs. We expect cleaning measures to continue happening in the background.

Lastly, we want hotels, tours, and airlines to back up their high rates with quality service. Do you agree?

I hope this episode inspires you and gives you ideas for what’s possible for 2023 and beyond. 

Watch the episode here.

I want to hear from you; what travel trends have you spotted? 

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